Bike Touring With a Toddler

Bike Touring With a Toddler My heart, soul, and relationship with my partner are all at their best when I’m physically exhausted and falling asleep outside. Pre-motherhood this meant long trail runs and sleeping in the back of our truck or multi-day backpacking trips that covered a few too many miles. We pulled off backpacking … Read more

Best Family Biking in Bellingham, Washington

Family Biking in Bellingham With temperatures moderate enough for riding year-round, some of the best dirt in North America, and an incredibly family-friendly mountain bike scene, Bellingham, Washington is hard to beat as a travel destination for two-wheeling families. Whether your kids are just starting to use a balance bike independently or are leaving you … Read more

Katy Trail Trip Planner for Families

Katy Trail Trip Planner: The Ideal Family Bike Tour Looking for that perfect introductory trail for family bike touring/packing? Look no further than the Katy Trail! Stretching 240 miles across Missouri, this converted rail trail offers a totally car free cycling experience with several trail heads to customize mileage. Built to cater to cyclists, it … Read more

Family Biking in Bentonville

Visit Bentonville for Family Biking 2.75 acres of pristine asphalt with various wooden rollers and berms and difficult ratings from your most advanced rider to your tiny toddler grom make Runway bike park in Bentonville, Arkansas a hot cycling destination for the whole family. Road Trip Stop or Final Destination? Bentonville has been a kids … Read more

Bike the Katy Trail with Kids

Bike the Katy Trail with Kids

Bike the Katy Trail with Kids The Katy Trail spans 237 miles east-west nearly the whole width of northern Missouri. It is America’s longest trail created from a former rail line by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and is a great place to explore with the family. The eastern 165 miles of the Katy Trail follow the … Read more