Best Family Biking in Bellingham, Washington

Family Biking in Bellingham With temperatures moderate enough for riding year-round, some of the best dirt in North America, and an incredibly family-friendly mountain bike scene, Bellingham, Washington is hard to beat as a travel destination for two-wheeling families. Whether your kids are just starting to use a balance bike independently or are leaving you … Read more

Bike Gloves for Kids

photo of several hands stacked on top of each other wearing bike gloves

Bike Gloves for Kids If you’ve ever tended to your kiddo’s scraped palms or knuckles after a tumble, you know what a pain it is (both literally and figuratively). Band-aids won’t stay on, hands are impossible to keep clean, and wounds seem to take an eternity to heal. As a mom, these are some of … Read more

Bike Maintenance Basics for Families

Bike Maintenance Basics for Kids Learning the basics of bike maintenance together as a family is a great way to bond AND be safe as you ride. Knowledge is power! Bikes are pretty complex machines, and knowing how to address common mechanical problems can go a long way towards building confidence and reducing stress on … Read more

Mountain Biking for Women

6 Steps to Becoming a Woman Who Mountain Bikes If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I had any interest in learning to mountain bike, my answer would have been a resounding NOPE. No way, no how. My first exposure to the sport was watching my brother-in-law in a downhill race … Read more

Spawn Cycles Yama Jama 20″ Review

A Dreamy Entry-Level Kids’ Mountain Bike : Spawn Cycles Yama Jama 20″ Review Spawn Cycles has set a new standard for kid-specific mountain bikes, and their focus on equipping young riders for a positive experience on the trails is definitely evident in the Yama Jama 20″. This bike is built with quality components, thoughtful geometry, … Read more