Woom 3 Bike

A small boy lifts his bike all by himself.

Woom 3 Pedal Bike Review Teaching your preschooler to ride a bike can be tricky and frustrating for some parents. And scary for some kids. Woom bikes make it a lot easier on both accounts; this lightweight 16 inch bike is ideal for timid and beginner riders gaining confidence entering the world of pedaling. Woom … Read more

Frog 40 Bike Review

Frog 40 Bike Review We recently tested Frog’s smallest pedal bike, the Frog 40 (14 inch wheels). Thanks to balance bikes, kids are ready for pedals younger and younger these days. And small kids need small, lightweight bikes to learn on. Luckily several companies have stepped up to the challenge, giving you lots of great … Read more

Burley Dash Bike Seat

A dad rests on his bicycle with a child in a rear seat.

Burley Bike Seat We’ve spent miles and miles reviewing the Burley Dash bike seat, and we must say- it’s a staple. It’s seen bike overnights and tours, hot weather, cold weather, rain and sun. It’s held up beautifully and our little one seems comfortable and happy in it. In this article I’ll go into more … Read more