Best Biking Gifts for Kids 2022

Best Biking Gifts for Kids 2022 Tis’ the season for gift giving! We are so excited to showcase our team’s favorite kids cycling gifts. Big or small, we’ve searched for the gifts that will surely bring smile to your favorite biker’s face. Gifts are sorted by age and interest as there are many styles of … Read more

Winter Bike Commuting with Kids

Winter Bike Commuting with Kids: Safety, Comfort, and Gear Bike commuting with kids can be a great way to get outdoors, get your body moving, and (most importantly) have fun! For over a decade now, we have relied on bikes as our primary mode of transportation. We even lived without a car in Wisconsin and … Read more

Frog 40 Bike Review

Frog 40 Bike Review We recently tested Frog’s smallest pedal bike, the Frog 40 (14 inch wheels). Thanks to balance bikes, kids are ready for pedals younger and younger these days. And small kids need small, lightweight bikes to learn on. Luckily several companies have stepped up to the challenge, giving you lots of great … Read more

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review We have so enjoyed reviewing Woom’s apparel and accessory line this summer. My girls have been wearing cycling kits almost everyday over the summer and every week during the shoulder seasons for about 5 years now. We’ve seen a huge increase in quality and options over the years. We … Read more

Best Family Biking in Bellingham, Washington

Family Biking in Bellingham With temperatures moderate enough for riding year-round, some of the best dirt in North America, and an incredibly family-friendly mountain bike scene, Bellingham, Washington is hard to beat as a travel destination for two-wheeling families. Whether your kids are just starting to use a balance bike independently or are leaving you … Read more

Guardian Balance Bike Review

Guardian Balance Bike Review Guardian Bikes started on a mission to build safer bikes for kids after the founder’s grandfather went head-over-handlebars and landed in the hospital. They invented SureStop brakes and designed an overall thoughtful bike for kids. We are a die-hard balance bike family. Our oldest transitioned from her balance bike to a pedal … Read more