Best Kids Biking Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for your kid can be a delightful yet challenging task. If you have a young cyclist in your life, you’re in luck! Biking is not just a hobby; it’s a passion that promotes physical fitness, outdoor exploration, and a sense of adventure. My family has been biking together for over a … Read more

Best Biking Gifts for Kids 2022

Best Biking Gifts for Kids 2022 Tis’ the season for gift giving! We are so excited to showcase our team’s favorite kids cycling gifts. Big or small, we’ve searched for the gifts that will surely bring smile to your favorite biker’s face. Gifts are sorted by age and interest as there are many styles of … Read more

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review We have so enjoyed reviewing Woom’s apparel and accessory line this summer. My girls have been wearing cycling kits almost everyday over the summer and every week during the shoulder seasons for about 5 years now. We’ve seen a huge increase in quality and options over the years. We … Read more

Byclex Bike Ramp Review

Byclex Bike Ramp Review Byclex is a Lithuanian company dedicating to providing exceptional bicycle accessories for beginners, kids and mountain bike enthusiasts around the globe. The product line is extensive with builds geared towards teaching several different skills required for mountain biking. From a root run and rock garden to a hop’o’meter, manual and triangle … Read more

Ninja MTB Ramp Review

Ninja MTB Ramp Review Ninja MTB Performance originally started as a mountain bike coaching company. They partnered with MTB Hopper to deliver the lightest, smallest and easiest to assemble ramps on the market. Easy to understand number coded assembly pieces slide together like a puzzle, allowing ramps to fold back up into the size of … Read more

Bike Gloves for Kids

photo of several hands stacked on top of each other wearing bike gloves

Bike Gloves for Kids If you’ve ever tended to your kiddo’s scraped palms or knuckles after a tumble, you know what a pain it is (both literally and figuratively). Band-aids won’t stay on, hands are impossible to keep clean, and wounds seem to take an eternity to heal. As a mom, these are some of … Read more

Bike Lights for Kids

Ride Don’t Walk After Dark: Bike Lights for Kids It’s never been our goal to bike at night with kids. However, for the last few bike seasons, my family has found ourselves occasionally finishing a ride in fading twilight. Usually, this happens in the autumn. The decreasing daylight surprises us every October and inevitably we … Read more