Family Cycling Safety Tips

Family Cycling Safety Tips In the realm of bike safety, experience and expertise often go hand in hand. With almost two decades of riding the roads of Boulder County, coaching cycling, racing triathlons, and guiding children through the wilderness, I have always considered myself a safe and responsible guide. However, sometimes life takes an unexpected … Read more

Winter Bike Commuting with Kids

Winter Bike Commuting with Kids: Safety, Comfort, and Gear Bike commuting with kids can be a great way to get outdoors, get your body moving, and (most importantly) have fun! For over a decade now, we have relied on bikes as our primary mode of transportation. We even lived without a car in Wisconsin and … Read more

How to Jump a Bike

How to Jump a Bike for Kids Before learning to jump, make sure you child understands even pedals, proper body position and point of commitment. Ideally they can hold a manual or at least pop their front wheel, but rolling over jumps is a common beginning.  Successful Body Position for Bike Jumping First, teach your … Read more

Bike Safety for Kids

Bike Safety for Kids – The Important Facts So you got your kid an awesome helmet. Excellent! Protecting your child’s head is the first and best step to helping your child bike safely. But safe riding involves more than preventing brain damage. It’s an attitude. It’s attention to your child’s bike condition. It’s also knowing … Read more

Balance Bike VS Training Wheels

Balance bike vs training wheels Teaching a child to ride their first bike is an amazing experience as a parent, but one that can also be somewhat challenging and frustrating. The introduction to balance bikes in the past recent years has been a game-changer for kids learning to pedal and so much different than the … Read more

Living Car-Free with Kids

Car-Free Life as an Outdoors Family Living car-free with kids seems like a daunting or impossible task. Especially if you are an adventurous family who loves camping, hiking, and backpacking, a car seems essential to get out and explore. But for 5 of the 12 years of our parenting life to date, we have lived … Read more

How to Get Your Child to Wear a Bike Helmet

Tips for getting your kids to wear a helmet We all know that wearing a helmet is a safety priority when we are out on wheels.  We also know that sometimes kids just fight wearing a helmet.  Non-stop.  It’s exhausting!  Learning how to get your child to wear a bike helmet from the beginning is … Read more

Family Cargo Bike Introduction

Family Cargo Bike Tips and Tricks to Know Cycling (in all its myriad forms) is a great way to get outdoors and maintain an active lifestyle, especially for families with kids. In urban centers, it can also be a quick way to get through the city without being stuck in traffic and contributing to congestion. … Read more

Bike Maintenance Basics for Families

Bike Maintenance Basics for Kids Learning the basics of bike maintenance together as a family is a great way to bond AND be safe as you ride. Knowledge is power! Bikes are pretty complex machines, and knowing how to address common mechanical problems can go a long way towards building confidence and reducing stress on … Read more