Burley Piccolo

Burley Piccolo

Burley Piccolo Review The Burley Piccolo is a high quality trailercycle that allows families to pedal further with kids who may not be ready to pedal long distances on their own. It has a gears (which kids can really use), is lightweight and has a low center of gravity making it stable. The Burley Piccolo … Read more

Pello Ripple

Pello Ripple

Pello Ripple Balance Bike Review A quality balance bike really does make a difference in helping toddlers be successful on learning to balance and ride. In a line-up of balance bikes the Pello Ripple Balance Bike stands out as a favorite for our family. It is a very high quality bike built for helping kids … Read more

Guardian Ethos 20 Inch Bike Review

Guardian Ethos 20 Inch Large Bike Review Guardian Bikes started on a mission to build safer bikes for kids after the founder’s grandfather went head-over-handlebars and landed in the hospital. They invented SureStop brakes, and designed an overall thoughtful bike for kids. We got the chance to test out the Guardian Ethos 20″ bike, and … Read more

Guardian Bikes AIROS 24 inch

Guardian Bikes Original

Guardian Bikes AIROS 24 inch Guardian Bikes is a relative newcomer to the bicycling world. The company was started less than 7 years ago by the founder, who created an invention called Sure-Stop technology in 2013.  Sure-Stop technology helps to prevent a misapplied front brake, which helps to prevent the bike from flipping. Initially the founder just … Read more

Bike Touring with Kids

Bike touring with kids

Bike Touring with Kids As a young couple, my husband and I fell in love with bike travel. A 6400 mile trip across Canada had us hooked. After starting a family, we didn’t want to say goodbye to experiencing the world on two wheels, so with some courage and big dreams we decided to try … Read more