Dirt Hero Off-Road Balance Bike Review

Little boy on a white dirt hero balance bike is coasting down a dirt trail sticking his tongue out

Since 2017, the visionaries behind Kids Ride Shotgun have been driven by a shared mission: to design exceptional products that bring families closer and to nurture a deep appreciation of the great outdoors. Among their impressive creations are top-of-the-line seats, allowing young ones to accompany their parents on thrilling mountain bike adventures. Now, building upon … Read more

Guardian Balance Bike Review

Guardian Balance Bike Review Guardian Bikes started on a mission to build safer bikes for kids after the founder’s grandfather went head-over-handlebars and landed in the hospital. They invented SureStop brakes and designed an overall thoughtful bike for kids. We are a die-hard balance bike family. Our oldest transitioned from her balance bike to a pedal … Read more