Earth and Kin MULE Review

Earth and Kin MULE Review Earth and Kin, a New England based gear company is focused on sustainably designed family products that have previously failed to meet consumer expectations. The MULE ATW or All Terrain Wagon was launched after a successful kickstarter in hopes of “reinventing (gear) hauling.” Earth and Kin founders, have a background … Read more

Hamax Outback Review

Hamax outback

Hamax Outback Review Over the past year we have been putting the┬áHamax Outback to the test with our kids (and some friends too). The Outback is a multi-sport child trailer (available for 1 or 2 children) that allows you to stroll, bike, jog and ski with your kids. As an Amazon Associate and member of … Read more

WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer Review

WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer There are lots of options for bike trailers that allow you to bring young ones out on bike adventures, but the WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer is a really unique experience for both the rider and their adult. Recommended for children 2 and older, it allows them to really feel like they’re … Read more

Burley Encore X Review

Burley Encore X Review The Encore X is Burley’s mid-range double stroller/trailer: a mix of ease, durability and versatility for active families. Before the Encore X, I had only used strollers and baby carriers for our outdoor adventures. The Encore X not only got us back on the bike, but also totally replaced my double … Read more

Burley Piccolo

Burley Piccolo

Burley Piccolo Review The Burley Piccolo is a high quality trailercycle that allows families to pedal further with kids who may not be ready to pedal long distances on their own. It has a gears (which kids can really use), is lightweight and has a low center of gravity making it stable. The Burley Piccolo … Read more