Woom 3 Bike

A small boy lifts his bike all by himself.

Woom 3 Pedal Bike Review Teaching your preschooler to ride a bike can be tricky and frustrating for some parents. And scary for some kids. Woom bikes make it a lot easier on both accounts; this lightweight 16 inch bike is ideal for timid and beginner riders gaining confidence entering the world of pedaling. Woom … Read more


Smiling rider on Woom Automagic with blue sky in the background

Woom 3 AUTOMAGIC Review If you were to walk around our garage it would be quickly apparent what bike brand we love most in the kid category. Woom bikes are the clear winner. We have 4 of them. It’s not that we haven’t tried other kids’ bikes. It’s that we always come to back to … Read more

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review

Woom Cycling Apparel for Kids Review We have so enjoyed reviewing Woom’s apparel and accessory line this summer. My girls have been wearing cycling kits almost everyday over the summer and every week during the shoulder seasons for about 5 years now. We’ve seen a huge increase in quality and options over the years. We … Read more

Woom 1 Balance Bike Review

This toddler smiles brightly as she rides her Woom 1.

Woom 1 Balance Bike Review If a friend asks for a bike recommendation for their toddler, our first suggestion is usually the Woom 1. Our contributors and their families have tested dozens of balance bikes. Of the bikes that have passed through our families, the most consistent favorite is the Woom 1. This little bike … Read more

Woom 1 Plus Review

Woom 1 Plus review

Woom 1 Plus Review Many balance bikes are offered with a 12-inch wheelbase. This works well for most young riders, but not all. Often children outgrow their bike before they want to ride a pedal bike. Additionally, some three-year-olds are already too big for a 12-inch wheelbase and would be less cramped on a larger … Read more

Woom OFF Review

Woom OFF

Woom OFF Review Our family has been riding the Woom OFF, Woom’s off-road bike, for the past two years on gravel, mountain bike trails, paths and roads. While we were initially skeptical about a mountain bike with no front shock, our son has dubbed it his “favorite bike ever” for most riding conditions. As a … Read more

Best Kids Biking Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for your kid can be a delightful yet challenging task. If you have a young cyclist in your life, you’re in luck! Biking is not just a hobby; it’s a passion that promotes physical fitness, outdoor exploration, and a sense of adventure. My family has been biking together for over a … Read more

Dirt Hero Off-Road Balance Bike Review

Little boy on a white dirt hero balance bike is coasting down a dirt trail sticking his tongue out

Since 2017, the visionaries behind Kids Ride Shotgun have been driven by a shared mission: to design exceptional products that bring families closer and to nurture a deep appreciation of the great outdoors. Among their impressive creations are top-of-the-line seats, allowing young ones to accompany their parents on thrilling mountain bike adventures. Now, building upon … Read more