Woom 2 Bike Review

Has your child mastered their kick bike? Is your tyke ready to move from a kick bike to a “real” bike? Do many of the pedal bikes you see just look too big for your 3-5 year old who is ready to rock it on two wheels? The Woom 2 may be just the bike for your child.

One of our favorite first pedal bikes is the Woom 2. This is the brand we recommend to all our friends looking to give their kids a great start riding. Woom makes bikes that are truly designed for kids. They are lightweight, easy to ride, and can help kids become successful riders quickly.

Girl on green Woom bike near a tree.

The Woom 2 is Woom’s smallest pedal bike with 14” wheels. It is has a kid-specific design including an easy entry height, small grips, a durable kid sized seat and gearing that makes pedaling easy. This bike also (and very importantly) has an optional freewheel braking system.

(Got a pedal bike and a willing learner? Check out the guide on our sister site about teaching your child to ride it!)

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Quick Stats

  • Designed for kids 3-4.5 years old
  • Saddle height from ground: 15.7″-19.1″
  • 14″ Wheels
  • Bike weight: 12.3 lbs (with coasterbrakes)
  • Coasterbrakes, aftermarket freewheel braking kit available
  • Standover height: 14.2”
  • Child-specific geometry with a low entry
woom 2 bike stock photo

Who Should Ride the Woom 2?

The Woom 2 is designed for young riders, under the age of 5, who are ready to learn pedaling.

It is a good option for kids who are ready to pedal at a young age and petite kids who need a smaller and lighter weight bike. My small for their age kids transitioned from a Strider 12” kick bike to the 14” Woom 2 bike at 3.5 years and almost 4. Both kids less than 25 pounds and were barely wore 3T pants. They were ready to pedal but many bikes were too tall and too heavy for them.

Before riding the WOOM 2, Amelia’s son P had been on a 12″ Specialized Hotrock. He was small for his age, so finding bikes that fit his ability had been a bit trickier. He weighed about ~27 pounds and wore a size 3T pant.

Boy in blue shirt on a green Woom 2 bike on a brick patio.

What We Love About the Woom 2 Bike

One of our favorite features about the Woom 2 is that it has an optional freewheel braking system (i.e. handbrakes). To truly understand what is unique about this, we need a little biking history. Stay with me here!

A Brief Digression Into the History of Braking

If you grew up in America, you probably learned to stop your bike by pedaling backward.

This type of braking system, which relies on a coaster hub, is required by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) on all bikes with a maximum seat height of 25″ or less.

The coaster hub was patented in 1907 and was considered an improvement on earlier braking systems.

Previously, bikers had to move their legs with the pedals whenever the bike was in motion. Imagine riding downhill … and needing to pump your legs as fast as the spinning wheels or the bike would slow down and eventually stop!

The coaster hub transformed this, allowing riders to experience the exhilaration of coasting downhill (hence the name). Since then, the US CPSC requires coaster brakes on bikes under 25 inches in height (of the seat).

There are some advantages to the coaster brake. The backward braking also allowed riders to come to a slow, controlled stop. (But only when the feet are in the correct position.) They continue to work in the rain and mud.

Handbrakes were once considered too hard for children to grasp. That was generally true until handbrakes eventually became smaller and easier to squeeze.

Girl in purple dress on green woom 2 hike with purple basket on it.

Start Kids With Handbrakes

BUT times have changed. As freewheel handbrakes have become easier to operate, we think handbrakes are the best braking system for young riders.

Freewheel handbrakes work better in variable terrain

Coaster brakes require mostly flat, paved terrain where the rider is unlikely to accidentally pedal backward — putting a stop to all the fun.

Handbrakes work better on unpaved terrain. If you live in a hilly location or ride unpaved trails, your kids will probably prefer handbrakes.

Riders can backpedal without braking

This allows riders to start biking more easily because they can adjust the pedal either forward or backward.

Freewheel brakes work no matter regardless of the pedal position

Coaster brakes only engage when the pedals have rotated back to the “stopping” position. The time it takes for the child to engage the brake may not allow them to stop in time to avoid an obstacle (especially if they are moving quickly downhill).

Most bikes for older kids use handbrakes

With coaster brakes, the kid will probably still have to learn to use handbraking — requiring kids to learn two methods of braking.

The braking is more effective

When kids know they can stop securely, they become more confident riders.

— Amelia, TMM and KRB founder

Girl on a green woom 2 bike on a dirt trail.

Woom 2 Offers Optional Freewheel Installation Kit

Woom believes — like we do — that kids should learn using handbrakes. To encourage this, they offer an aftermarket freewheel installation kit at a low cost ($19.90). Although Woom recommends that a professional convert your brake setup, they have a tutorial for those who prefer to do it at home.

All Woom 2 bikes ship with a coaster brake installed as required by U.S. CPSC regulations as well as the dual hand brakes. If you would like to remove the coaster brake all together, you will need to purchase the optional freewheel installation kit.

Amelia’s husband and other TMM Team parents have converted their Woom 2 bikes from the coaster brake to the freewheel at home. After the modification, the bike is lighter. Both parents and kids will notice the weight change with the freewheel.

My kids never road a bike with coaster brakes so the transition to a hand brake was easy. They had to transition from using their feet to stop a kick bike to using a hand brake.

In Amelia’s family it took her son a week or so before he was confident to ride on the bigger hills (mostly developing hand and arm strength to be braking significantly), the improvements to his ease of riding make the transition absolutely worth it.

Girl standing over green Woom 2 bike on a rug.

Got a pedal bike and a willing learner? Check out this guide about teaching your child to ride it: How to Teach a Child to Pedal a Bike

Other Details We Love About Woom 2

Even without the optional freewheel modification, the Woom 2 is a great beginner’s bike.


The Woom 2 is lightweight, making it easier for little bodies to propel themselves and their bikes uphill. (As a parent, you won’t have to hop off your bike as often to push them!)

This was a FANTASTIC first pedal bike. The fact that it is so light and that it has hand brakes were two of our favorite features.

Jessica, TMM and KRB Team Member

Low entry height

The step-in height and stand over are low and great for even small 3 year olds. My kids were able to stand over the bike before they were in 3T pants. No one wants to lose their balance before they even get on the bike. The low entry height helps kids start successfully.

Upright geometry

The Woom 2 has an upright geometry that gives kids stability and confidence when learning to ride. Amelia’s son felt much more secure on the larger Woom 2 than in his 12″ inch Specialized.

Small Handlebar Grips

Small hands need small handlebars — especially we expect those hands to be grasping brakes. The Woom 2 has tiny handlebar grips that are just right for tiny hands.

Woom 2’s handgrips are even small compared to other handgrips that claim to be small. Amelia’s son struggled to operate other handgrip systems but he could easily squeeze Woom’s handbrakes.

V-Brakes and Color Coded Handbrakes

Out of the box the Woom 2 comes with mini v-brakes. These are independently operated and color coded. The handbrake color matches the brake pad. The handbrakes are also sized and shaped for little hands.

Larger Wheels and Lightweight Tires

Many first pedal bikes have a 12” tire but the Woom 2 uses a 14″ wheel. This larger wheelbase rolls over obstacles more easily than a smaller wheel. It’s a faster, smoother ride.

The increased speed helps many small riders have more fun. Many kids feel more confident as a rider because they can better keep up with older or bigger kids/siblings.

The lightweight tires on the Woom 2 give shock absorption while easily rolling over bumps.

Girl on a green woom 2 bike on a sidewalk with leaves on the ground.

What We Would Change About the Woom 2

It Is A Pricey Bike

The Woom 2 listed price is $399. That can be a barrier to entry for many families. The Woom bikes, like many of the higher quality kids bikes start at a higher price but have few maintenance costs. However, there is a good resale market for Woom bikes!

Purchasing A Used Woom Bike – Check For A Recall

If you buy a one second hand, be sure to check the year and the current recall (and fix for it). The one-bolt stem clamp design is a good indicator. Woom’s website has an easy site to check to see if your bike is part of the recall and get the kit to address the issue.

The Woom 2 Is A Good Investment

That being said, this is a bike that can be passed from child to child with just standard care of the bike (store it out of the elements, use the kickstand instead of letting it fall down). When families consider how many children will ride a Woom bike and the resale potential, it becomes an easier investment.

We are on our 4th season with our Woom 2 and will certainly be able to pass it on. The value of having our kids successfully learn to ride a pedal bike even though they were young and small was immense. That was ultimately what made us decide to purchase a Woom bike.

The WOOM 2 has changed our 3-year old into a “let’s get by and push this bike up the hill” to an independent and confident rider. Absolutely golden for us!

— Amelia, TMM and KRB founder

The Upright Position Is Less Ideal for Aggressive Riders

The Woom 2 is designed with an upright riding position. That worked great for my kids to develop balance and control on the bike. We ride mostly city streets and sidewalks and my kids have been happy with the position. Kids who have more varied terrain or are riding trails may enjoy a wider and more forward leaning riding stance.

Optional Accessories for the Woom 2 Bike

Good quality accessories can really enhance a new rider’s experience and Woom makes many of these. No kid or adult wants to be distracted from the ride by an uncomfortable helmet or cold hands. Fun bike accessories like bells help kids customize a hand-me-down and make it their own.

Vienna Bike Bell

Kids love bike bells and this small but loud bell sounds great. It is made with great looking high-quality brass and will nicely patina over time.

TENS Bike Gloves

Bike gloves are a great way to protect their little hands when they fall and keep them warm as the weather changes. The TENS bike gloves from woom are breathable, comfortable and designed to fit kids. The grippy palms help keep hands in place. Coming in 3 sizes, you can easily find a good fit for your rider.

Woom Bike Helmet

This lightweight and strong helmet was designed just for kids. The 3 sizes and 6 colors make it easy to find a fit and style for most kids. The fit can be customized with the 2 sets of pads and back of the helmet dial. The magnetic closure is easy for small fingers to do on their own and the woom logo is reflective. Woom really thought of all of the features parents and kids want.

Boy on a green woom 2 bike on a sidewalk.

Woom 2: Our Highest Recommendation for a New Rider

Among the many options for first bikes, the Woom 2 stands out as an exceptional choice. Its lightweight, innovative design features all make it easy for children to master the difficult skill of cycling.

This bike removes many of the obstacles to kids learning to ride. It’s light and easy to propel. It’s designed for kids to be able to hop on and off quickly. Most kids can master riding more quickly and easily on this bike.

While this bike isn’t cheap, it is well worth it if your goal is to foster a love of biking from your child’s earliest experience. There are limited options for families who have kids ready to pedal but not big enough to easily ride the 16” bikes on the market.

The Woom 2 was one of the few options that would fit my petite children when they were ready to pedal. Their (and our) joy as they became successful pedal bike riders was worth the investment. I consistently recommend the Woom bikes to friends.

In our home, we ride bikes daily. We live around some pretty serious hills and our kids really feel the weight of heavier bikes. Their bikes are THEIR “sanity time” and outlet time – they love riding and we love to see them succeed!

– – Amelia, TMM and KRBFounder

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