Bike Safety for Kids

Bike Safety for Kids – The Important Facts So you got your kid an awesome helmet. Excellent! Protecting your child’s head is the first and best step to helping your child bike safely. But safe riding involves more than preventing brain damage. It’s an attitude. It’s attention to your child’s bike condition. It’s also knowing … Read more

Bike Lights for Kids

Ride Don’t Walk After Dark: Bike Lights for Kids It’s never been our goal to bike at night with kids. However, for the last few bike seasons, my family has found ourselves occasionally finishing a ride in fading twilight. Usually, this happens in the autumn. The decreasing daylight surprises us every October and inevitably we … Read more

Woom 1 Balance Bike Review

This toddler smiles brightly as she rides her Woom 1.

Woom 1 Balance Bike Review If a friend asks for a bike recommendation for their toddler, our first suggestion is usually the Woom 1. Our contributors and their families have tested dozens of balance bikes. Of the bikes that have passed through our families, the most consistent favorite is the Woom 1. This little bike … Read more

Woom 1 Plus Review

Woom 1 Plus review

Woom 1 Plus Review Many balance bikes are offered with a 12-inch wheelbase. This works well for most young riders, but not all. Often children outgrow their bike before they want to ride a pedal bike. Additionally, some three-year-olds are already too big for a 12-inch wheelbase and would be less cramped on a larger … Read more

Biking Gifts for Kids 2021

Biking Gifts for Kids Who Love Bikes Bikes and biking accessories are some of the most memorable and useful gifts you can give this holiday season. When you give a child a bike that fits them, you are beginning a life-long habit of healthy fun. They will learn independence, balance, and fitness. Bikes are the … Read more

VelociRAX Review

VelociRAX Bike Rack Review Last year, our youngest graduated from a strider bike to a full-fledged pedal bike. Finally, our family was ready to hit the trails!   But getting to the trails with all our bikes and all our family members proved to be more challenging than a college math course. As an Amazon … Read more