Woom 1 Balance Bike Review

Woom 1 Balance Bike Review

If a friend asks for a bike recommendation for their toddler, our first suggestion is usually the Woom 1.

Our contributors and their families have tested dozens of balance bikes. Of the bikes that have passed through our families, the most consistent favorite is the Woom 1.

This little bike is carefully engineered for little bodies. Children young as 18 months can ride it! As the toddler grows, this bike will grow with the child until he or she is about three and a half.

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gril riding Woom 1 balance bike

Woom 1 Quick Stats

  • Designed for kids 1.5-3.5 years old
  • Saddle height from ground: 31″-40″
  • 12″ Wheels
  • Bike weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Rear brakes
  • Child-specific geometry with a low stand over height

Who Should Ride the Woom 1?

This durable lightweight bike is great for toddlers learning and exploring biking. Even petite 18-month-old children can walk with this bike and begin to balance.

A toddler gives a huge smile while riding her Woom bike!

Amelia’s small toddler was riding the Woom 1 months before she turned two and under 20 pounds. Not only could she comfortably swing her legs over the bike’s top tube, but she could also push it up small hills and coast.

Of the 6+ balance bikes we put her on, she excelled by far on the WOOM 1. It’s truly a bike MADE for kids to start on….and then ride for a few years.

— Amelia, TMM and KRB founder

After a child turns three or can fit into 3T pants, they probably need a larger balance bike. For these kids, we recommend the Woom 1 Plus or a pedal bike.

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Why We Love the Woom 1 Balance Bike

The Woom 1 stands out among balance bikes in many categories.

Child-Specific Geometry and Design

Woom has crafted a beginner bike that actually fits children. Let’s begin with its weight.

At 6.6 pounds, the bike is just right for kids to manage. Many bikes marketed to children are too heavy for them to manage. (As a bonus, a lightweight bike is much easier for parents to carry when the fun of riding is done.)

Child speeds down a dirt hill on his Woom bike.
Woom 1’s safety features can minimize risk while kids learn to tackle different terrains.

Low Geometry

Woom 1 has a low geometry with a low entry and a relatively long distance between the wheels. This design ensures that tiny people can mount and dismount easily.

Upright Posture

The geometry also forces an upright posture, which helps kids balance more easily than an aggressive forward-leaning posture. Beginners also feel more confident when sitting straighter.

Small Handlebar Grips

Even the handlebar grips have been considered. These grips are the smallest available and allow little hands to grasp the handlebars securely.

Smart Safety Features

Turn Limiter

Woom’s turn limiter helps kids ride in a straight line and prevents them from yanking the handlebars from hard left to hard right. If your child has mastered this, then the limiter can be removed.

Child rides Woom 1 on street.

Pneumatic Tires

This balance bike has pneumatic tires that cushion the ride. Little kids can maintain their grip and control over gravel and bumpy terrain.

Reflective Detailing

Reflective strips on the tire increase the bike’s visibility. Reflective features on the moving part of a bike improve a driver’s chance of recognizing a cyclist and responding appropriately.

Innovative Handbrakes

Handbrakes should be a must on a balance bike!

While many balance bikes have no braking at all, this can lead children to learn bad habits and not be able to stop when they need to.

If a child’s only way to stop is by setting their feet on the ground, they cannot come to a stop quickly on a downhill. This increases their risk for accidents and serious injury.

(I ran my fastest mile while chasing a careening toddler on a balance bike without handbrakes!)

Children also learn that the way to stop is by lifting their feet off their pedals. This can become a dangerous habit that is hard to break when the child learns to ride a pedal bike.

girl riding a Woom 1 Balance bike

The handbrakes on the Woom 1 provide a toddler with much-needed stopping power and develops smart riding habits.

However, using handbrakes requires learning to squeeze with the appropriate pressure. The handbrake’s braking power can be adjusted as children learn how to control their braking. This keeps them from stopping too suddenly and potentially flipping their bike.

What We Don’t Love About the Woom 1

While there’s not much we would change about the bike’s design, we wish it were more affordable. However, in this case, the saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

Fortunately, the Woom 1’s higher price tag can be mitigated through Woom’s UpCycle program. For a one-time membership fee of $59, members can exchange their two-year-old Woom bike for 40% off the sticker price of a new Woom bike.

Alternately, Woom’s strong construction means that it will last. This balance bike can be handed down to younger siblings or resold.

Speaking of reselling, Woom bikes can occasionally be found second-hand on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

A toddler gives a huge smile while riding her Woom bike!

The Bottom Line

Woom 1 is our first choice among balance bikes for toddlers, and it is a solid way to foster a passion for biking.

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Woom 1 Balance Bike Review

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