Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike

E-bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of biking around, and if your kids are anything like mine, they longingly watch e-riders zip past, wishing they had their own. While I will never trade our regular bikes completely for an e-bike, they definitely have their place.

We have recently been testing the Himiway C1 kids electric bike, and have been impressed. Admittedly, we are a family that makes our kids put in effort for reward, so e-biking was never high on our list. However, it’s been a ton of fun for my kids to rip around the neighborhood on, and it’s really well made. I see us using this little bike a ton. With three rambunctious boys and their neighborhood pals, this bike has been able to take a bit of abuse with no issues.

A Solid Choice

A boy rides an orange Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike on a bike path.

The Himiway C1 kids bike is an electric ‘balance bike’ made for kids 4-12 years old. It feels more like a little moped, since it doesn’t have pedals, but instead has a throttle and foot pegs. With Kenda fat tires and a hydraulic and electronic brake, it feels really safe and solid from the first ride.

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Product Specs and Features

The features on this little bike are impressive. Here are the notable ones at a glance:

  • Best for ages 4-12 (3’3″-4’9″)
  • Can hold up to 165 lbs
  • Can get 40-50 miles per charge
  • 3 speed modes (up to 15 MPH)
  • Samsung/LG battery (360 WH)
  • Geared hub motor (350 W)
  • 16X3 inch Kenda fat tires (stable!)
  • Hydraulic and Electric brake for double protection
  • Easy to use thumb throttle and hand brake
  • 32 lb. bike weight (aluminum frame)
  • Kickstand
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Price $799

Huge Size Range

I have a 4, 8 and 11 year old, and they can all ride this bike! The long ‘moto style’ seat allows bigger riders to ride further back. I was actually a little nervous to have my youngest ride it, afraid he would not be able to handle it, but he surprised me. He can lift it up himself, get it started, and stop all on his own (he is proficient on a regular pedal bike, but a cautious rider).

As you can see above, my four year old and eleven year old are at the bottom and top ends of the size range, but they both have fun riding.

Easy To Use Right Out of the Box

It is extremely easy to use, and my older boys figured in out in minutes. It came almost totally assembled and charged, so we just had to put the handlebars on and power it up. It also came with several fun accessories, like a bell and a rubber ducky light, along with tools to service it and the battery and charger.

It’s got an LED screen and easy to use buttons to switch modes, and my kids figured it out before I did. Mode one goes 0-7 MPH, mode two 7-13 MPH, and mode three goes up to 15 MPH. I like this because I can set it to the lowest mode for my 4 year old, making sure he doesn’t go too fast.

Safe and Stable

Because of the fat tires and braking system, the Himiway C1 feels really safe and stable. The tires and heavy duty rims can handle the weight of heavier riders and bumpy roads, and the brakes stop sure and solid, even with multiple kids on it. In fact, I’ve jumped on this thing and it’s comfortable to ride, despite being too tall for it.

A mom rides teh Himiway with her preschoolwer on board, along side a boy on a pedal bike.
Although probably not recommended, moms can ride too!


The Himiway has a 36 V lithium battery, with a smart charger. It is really easy to plug in, and lasts quite a while. I think we went a full week after we unboxed it before it had to charge, and that was sitting in a cold garage. It has a removable battery, so you can potentially switch it out for another if needed, and it’s lockable for safety.

Who Is This Bike Best For?

A Great Addition To The Ebike Family!

We’ve only had the Himiway about a month, but I would say it’s ideal for many different situations. I could see it being great if the adults in the family already have e-bikes and like to go for rides around town. Then kids could ride along and keep up.

It would probably be great for families who go car free, giving kids the option to ride their own commuter bike rather than on a cargo bike.

Cruising The Neighborhood

It’s also ideal for general town riding and neighborhood cruising. I wouldn’t call it a mountain bike, though it could handle dirt/bumpy roads. I can see my kids using it to joy ride, make library or grocery store runs with me, etc. It definitely gets them excited to go outside and play, so that’s a plus.

School Commuting

Two kids ride double on the Himiway E-bike.
Giving friends rides home from school is more fun on the Himiway!

We did let our 8 year old commute to school one day on it, and he even gave a friend a ride as well. It was a huge hit around the school yard, and I’m pretty sure every kid who saw it added one to their Christmas list. So it could be ideal for school commuting as well.

What We Love

A boy pulls up the front wheel of his Himiway e-bike in front of the sunset.

Tons of Fun

I think what we love most about this little ebike is the fun factor. It adds an element of novelty to everything. It makes a ride home from school a little more exciting. It garners attention on a library run, because most people have never seen such a small ebike zipping around.

It’s fun to give rides to friends, or race dad on his bike, or just go for a joy ride. Whether you’re 4, 8, or 40, it brings a smile to your face.

It Feels Safe

The other thing I love is that it feels safe. The thumb throttle means that it’s not as easy to hit the accelerator accidentally. Kids can increase their speed slowly without getting out of control. That paired with the solid frame and fat tires make kids feel secure as they speed around the neighborhood.

What Don’t We Love?

Honestly, there isn’t much we don’t love about this bike. For the most part, it’s been a really positive experience. It seems like it will be a solid, long lasting bike, but we’ve only had it a month, so I’ll have to update whether it holds up to extended use. But so far it seems very well built.

No Pedals

It should be noted that it doesn’t have pedals, so there is no pedal assist. In that way, it feels more like a scooter or moped than a bicycle. However, I think it would be tough to have efficient pedals that would fit the size range the bike advertises.

No Passenger Foot Pegs

Two boys ride double on the Himiway e-bike.

The foot pegs are nice, but when you’re carrying a passenger, they have nowhere to rest their feet, so some kind of rear foot rest might be nice. But again, I don’t know that there is much space for those.


I can see the price being a bit prohibitive for some, coming in at $799. There are not a ton of electric kids bikes in that size range available that I have found, and the ones I found in a quick search did not seem to compare in quality. I’m guessing if you want the assurance that it will be a safe and reliable e-bike for your kids, you’ll just have to pay a bit more for that.

Tips for Safe Riding

This may go without saying, but while 15 mph doesn’t sound that fast, it actually is. You want to be prepared if your kid were to take a tumble or get out of control and crash. It’s okay and healthy to let your kids engage in risky play, but give them the tools they need to succeed.

At the minimum, a good helmet with MIPS protection. Knee and elbow pads probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either. If you’re looking for good helmet recommendations, you can check out one of our other articles, Best Bike Helmets for Kids and check out our Kids Full Face Helmet recommendations.

And don’t forget to make sure they know rules of the road and bike path, so they don’t become those e-bikers you hear about online, nearly running people over.

Bottom Line

Three boys pose with the Himiway bike.

So far, we love the Himiway C1 Kids E bike. It’s been so much fun to play with, and the envy of all the neighbors and friends. It feels safe, solidly built, and in my opinion is a great addition to the family quiver. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to buy one.

Where To Buy

Head over to the Himiway website to buy, and browse their other E-bikes as well.

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Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike

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