WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer Review

WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer

There are lots of options for bike trailers that allow you to bring young ones out on bike adventures, but the WeeHoo TURBO Bike Trailer is a really unique experience for both the rider and their adult.

Recommended for children 2 and older, it allows them to really feel like they’re out biking with you, without sacrificing the maneuverability of your own bike. There are even pedals that they can use to help move you along if they want.

WeeHoo Turbo Review
The WeeHoo pictured here is an older model, the bar that attaches to the bike is straighter and a curve has been added in recent models.

The WeeHoo attaches to the seatpost of your bike, and comes with multiple attachments to ensure a tight fit. It comes with bushings that will fit 25.4mm, 26.8mm, 27.2mm, 28.6mm, 30.9mm, and 31.6mm seatposts. If your seatpost is a different size, you can use tape on your seatpost to change the diameter.

Once the hitch is installed on your seatpost, it’s an easy on and off for the WeeHoo. If you use several adult bikes install a hitch on each bike to make moving the trailer between them easy. If you need the trailer to be more compact for transport, you can detatch the arm at the base.

Why Choose the WeeHoo Style Trailer

Trailer Design

The WeeHoo is a very narrow-profile trailer, with only one wheel added behind your bike which allows for excellent maneuverability around turns and through tighter spaces. It really shines on singletrack trails. Many trailers operate on a two wheel design which makes them a lot wider and more cumbersome.

We chose the WeeHoo over more traditional enclosed models because we wanted the kids to have more of an outdoor experience during our rides versus the traditional more enclosed bike trailer.

WeeHoo Turbo Review
2 year old opting not to use the pedals when out for a ride, but she’s always gripping the hand holds.

The entire seat apparatus can slide across the main bar, moving forward or back depending on the child’s size. It’s even easier to adjust on newer models, just by moving a knob.

The WeeHoo includes two zippered paniers which can hold a lot of your gear. It also has a mesh pocket behind the child’s seat, and mesh pockets on either side of them.

WeeHoo Turbo Review

The trailer is rated to pull a child weighing up to 80 pounds. The trailer itself is fairly light (26 pounds) and is easy to pull with lighter kids, but I think pulling an 80 pound child would a bit of a struggle. But it’s large enough to fit older children and would be an excellent option for older kids with special needs. The harness is very adjustable and fit our children starting when they were around 2.

The WeeHoo also comes in a double model, the WeeHoo TWO, where the child riding up front can pedal and the one behind is along for the ride. The weight limit is the same for this model at 80 pounds, and the trailer weighs in at 35 pounds.

The pedals are mostly just for fun, and can be pedaled forwards or back, or used as foot-rests (a foot-rest is available for the TWO model). Most younger children are not going to make a noticeable impact helping pedal, so it’s more to occupy them and give them practice with the pedaling motion.

There are also a number of WeeHoo accessories available, including sun shades and all weather shells to protect your children from the elements. We haven’t tried these as we just gear them up in rain or snow clothes and make sure their helmet has a nice visor, but they would be a very nice option to have.

WeeHoo Turbo Review

Drawbacks of the WeeHoo

This might not be the trailer for you if you take very long rides with small children who sleep, or if you need a trailer for babies or small toddlers.

Because it’s an open design, it wouldn’t work well for giving your children books or art materials to occupy them as most of that stuff is likely to be lost along the trail. Even snacks should be secured or their container clipped with a carabiner to keep them from falling out.

The WeeHoo doesn’t work well for naps

It’s not something kids would be able to nap comfortably in, so if you want your bike trailer to double as a way for your little one to grab an outdoor nap occasionally this will not work great for that. But it will keep them alert and entertained as they watch the world zoom by and feel the wind in their face.

Doesn’t fit well with the seat all the way down

Note that if you ride your adult bike with the seatpost at it’s lowest setting, you will not have room to install the hitch to the bike as it takes up a few inches of space on your seatpost.

The WeeHoo is not free-standing

The WeeHoo trailer is not free-standing, and you need to be sure your angle is stable if you’re ever stepping away from your bike as it can easily tip. It’s advisable to always have someone holding the adult bike or have it propped up against a solid object like a tree, unless you have a very stable kickstand or to be sure you pivot the adult bike at an angle away from the line of the WeeHoo.

It’s happened to us more than once that we have to quickly park a bike to help one of our other kids who has fallen, and the adult bike and trailer all tip over as it wasn’t stable enough. But, while rattled, the child in the WeeHoo has always been just fine after these tips!

While moving this is not a problem and it provides even greater stability from side to side movement than it’s two-wheeled counterparts, but it would be nice to have a kickstand or some added stability for these times as there is not always something to lean the bike against when you need to dismount quickly.


The WeeHoo TURBO retails for $459 (on sale at the time of this writing for $419). The WeeHoo TWO retails for $549. Many families will already have invested in an enclosed bike trailer for the early years with babies and toddlers, so may question a purchase of an additional trailer (especially once the children have learned to pedal). But if you want to be able to take longer rides with children in the 2-4 age range especially, it can be a worthwhile investment.

We bought our trailer used, and see them pop up often for great deals generally less than half of retail. Check Facebook Marketplace, local bike/outdoor gear BST groups on Facebook, and Craigslist. Based on the used prices I typically see they may hold about half their value before reselling them.

The Bottom Line

The WeeHoo offers excellent performance on paved bike paths and singletrack trails because of the single wheel design. It’s not going to get caught on any bushes or branches, and can accommodate older children as well as toddlers.

The WeeHoo bike trailer is a whole lot of fun, and it’s bound to make your young ones say WeeeeeHooooo!

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